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    Latest Band News

    Posted on 07/01/2016

    WINK has been very busy. You know how it is...
    We have been reworking the show and weaving a new tapestry of exciting sounds and colors.
    The 2016 summer season has been really great so far,
    and we've got several bookings in the wings, for fall and winter.
    Here's a list of whats on deck.
    August 26th - Floodstage Ale Works
    Sept. 22nd - Ind. Bankers Commission
    November 3rd - Nissi's
    We have a new SOUNDMAN, Charles, and he is truly a blessing to us.
    We all feel lucky that this young man is with us now, improving our sound and mitigating our previous frustrations with endless equipment hassles.
    Thank you bro...

    We want to thank ALL of our fans for your continued support !!
    We've added a couple of Country Tunes to our growing list.
    Jaytee is singing the Country songs...he does it so well.
    (More Country tunes on the way!)
    He's a very talented drummer & singer, but has skills in many other areas.
    I can't say it enough, that having Chris and Jaytee in the WINK band is such a genuine pleasure.
    If you are planning a benefit or company party, or a wedding event,
    WINK can help to make your event a 'SMASHING' success.
    Let WINK provide your event with a 'classy' rock and dance session.
    Classic rock selected from over 5 decades of hits!
    There's a little something for everyone!
    Those that have attended our shows continue to let us know that they like the diversity of our musical repertoire.
    We really appreciate that!