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I started playing music in 5th grade on trombone (which helped learning bass) and went to saxophone, clarinet and piano. I’ve been playing bass since 1970 when the HS band director said he needed a bass player for the stage band. I’d only been playing for about 2 weeks so he had to talk me into it. After that it just kind of took off. I’ve been playing in clubs mostly since the mid 70’s.
I was foolish enough to think I wanted to teach music for a living and that’s where the piano came in. We were required to take 2 years of it in music school. After teaching saxophone in a music store in Phoenix, I realized that goal wasn’t going to happen. I quit school and went to work, all the time playing in bands. I moved from AZ to CO and fell in with a group of guys that I was with for 30 years.
I’ve played everything from classical to jazz to hard rock, but I think Wink is the best band for this kind of music I’ve ever played in. It's challenging and that feels great!